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Shooting Video with Professional Grade Equipment

Picture of me using a jog wheel on a VTR deck to get to a specific part on the HDCAM tape.

Filming for television requires superb lighting, sound and video equipment. This entails understanding what types of lighting is needed, when to use mics such as lapels and boom mics and how to run industry standard cameras like the XDCAM, HDCAM and NXCAM.

Projects involve moving swiftly to construct and strike sets for time sake. Knowledge of working on sets in a studio and in the field is recommended.

Editing for Broadcast Television and the Web

A clip from Avid of someone singing during a broadcast..

Knowledge of multiple non-linear editing software like AVID Media Composer and Adobe Premiere is key. It is also important to know how to compose graphics in AVID and Adobe After Effects. A regular work week at FBCJAX involves: creating a broadcast show that airs on Sunday and Saturday, cutting a show to time, adjusting the remix audio levels, adding lower thirds and patching mistakes by using footage off raw camera tapes.

I’m in charge of editing the show and making sure it gets to the station promptly. I also edit several other videos that are played on an IMAG screen to a Sunday attendance of 7,500, uploaded to the website and published to YouTube.

Producing Content for Major Local Businesses

In this image there are logos of Various Jacksonville area Non-Profits such as Rethreaded, Pace School for Girls and Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.

Connections in the industry is important. While I was in college I worked on projects for professors outside of my regular course load, interned for several different companies and volunteered for several church media teams. This opened the door to other opportunities.

By the time I graduated I landed a job a few weeks later while continuing to work on personal projects. These jobs involved working (usually solo) for several major companies in the area.